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Rare old GUSETTO lionhead violin guseto 822

Good old collector's violin in immediate playing condition! Like always the instrument has been completely checked by our luthiers and by our violin player on playability. Rare old gusetto violin video antique german guseto 209 please also visit our shop for cello celli violoncello parts pieces bow frog zither harp master violin ebony mother of pearl inlay violino viool violine violon vintage alte geige antike meistergeige mittenwald mirecourt wirbel saiten saitenhalter perlmutt bratsche viola griffbrett strings fingerboard pegs bridge tailpiece tailrod endpin bratsche autoharp chords instrument antique old italian czech german french masterviolin mandolin rare mandoline ancien cythera meisel mandola mandolino adjuster geigenbogen violinenbogen cellobogen bowhair kinnstuetze chinrest arpa roth gaspar da salo stradiuarius stradivarius guarneri maggini duiffenprugar tiefenbrunner jacobus stainer amati amatus scarampella guseto gusseto guarnerius apparut grancino guadagnini prokop hoyer mirecourt drovak hopf vuillaume klingenthal markneukirchen luthier geigenbau geigenbauer violinmaker violinmaking.